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I’m Anjola, an introverted Nigerian teen writer who loves the aesthetic and bookish life. This blog aims to provide teenagers with a space to live without being criticized. To make them better in all areas of life, and enable them live life to the fullest, through short stories, engaging articles and interviews.

My Aesthetics

…And then I have tranquility, books and food. What else could i ask for?

Welcome home, where we seek knowledge and read much more than we love doing chores. Here, Art, is an illuminating discovery, resulting in a personal feeling of elation and wonder. An epiphany on it’s own.

After a day full of coffee and books, we go to bed daydreaming about the perfect idyllic life, where all our heart desires are fulfilled, where nothing could go wrong, and then, we wake up, nursing clinomania—an excessive desire to remain in bed.

This is home, where we live in our heads and there, we get the brightest ideas. Our imaginations are just the perfect utopian brush we need, to deal with reality. Even when faced with the cold slam of reality, we do not chicken out. We take the cat by it’s ears and fondle it, till it gives in to our demands.

Here, we wear super comfy clothes and lie in supine laziness on the couch, binge watching our favorite series.

This is home where we gush over fictional characters. Imitate fun and deviant characters before we finally forget about them. But above all, we fervently desire the life inside our favorite books.

Welcome home buddy.