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I miss the smell of rain,
The smell of cold, wet earth.

I miss watching the bright skies blend into shades of grey and dark.

I yearn for the frosty breeze, that makes one pull the jacket closer.

I miss the idyllic activity of
Staring at the little droplets of water behind the window

Sipping tea, while listening to the pit pat of rain hitting the roof.
Lost in oblivion.

I miss the rainy days that allows for

Wrapping up in cozy blankets and binge watching my favorite series
Or better yet
Reading old romance novels and drowning in nostalgia.

It’s been a long time rain fell over here, and I decided to write a poem on the things I miss when it’s raining. Side note: I was supposed to post this a long time ago, but I wanted to guest post it on a poetry blog. Recommend in the comments and tell me why you love the rain.


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