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About— Welcome to Anjola Writes

Hi! I’m Anjola

I’m an introverted African teenager. I’m also a writer, took me a few ‘writing’ books to actually realize that. Anyways, I started this website to share my journey as an introspective teenager who notices everything and to improve more on my writing.

When I’m not writing, I draw, make crafts and take photographs of clouds and sunsets. I love photography! I love watching movies. I love dancing and singing along to my favorite songs. Books are my sanctuary; I LOVE BOOKS! I love chocolate and brown is my favorite color.

I daydream about coffee and fantasize about the perfect life—I live in my head most of the time and I have a very inventive imagination. I live for baked foods. Maaaannn I procrastinate every chance I get.

I love dark and light academia aesthetics because of the brown and cream colours (it reminds me of chocolate and milk) and mostly because I’m a nerd—a very cool nerd.

Where I come from, teenagers who have a passion for art; (writing, singing, modelling, acting etc) aren’t taken seriously and therefore lack emotional and physical support to indulge in what they love. I’m willing to change that, I want them to feel the satisfaction of doing something they love. To show them that THEY CAN DO IT too.

So on my blog I’m going to share my experiences and challenges as a teenager. It has been confirmed that I have the ability of being able to think far beyond my age ^_^ so take any advice I give.

Seriously I’m a quiet and very introspective person. I’m very observant, I can read and interpret people’s body movement. I am a natural psychologist.

And because I’m a person who pays attention to a lot— you’ll be surprised at how many things go unnoticed, my articles will possess profound meaning and that, my friend, is the definition of compelling and stimulating.

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