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After all the gyrating during the holiday break, it’s now time for school. Often, the break from school dampens the academic spirit of students. That’s why it’s relatively stressful for we students to keep up with academic work during the first few weeks of resumption.

Here are some Back to School tips to look out for

1. Creating a schedule

Creating a timetable is a no brainier. After the holiday break your school stuff is probably disarrayed. Creating a schedule is the thing to do, to get organized. Create timetables for studying, write down the subjects and how many hours you want to allocate to studying a day.

2. Decorating your room for back to school

Don’t you just look around sometimes and be like, maybe if you were in a better place you’d get inspiration to study. If your room or surroundings looks untidy; books scattered everywhere, dirty clothes pilling up, stationeries no where to be found, how could you possibly study, bro, it’ll drive me crazy to even stay in room like that. Here are some ways to get your room ready for school:

• Organize every of your study materials

• Pick a theme or colour and paste pictures on your wall

• Avoid clutter and make everywhere clean

In the end, it’s a your room, make it fun! You can add anything you feel comfortable with and voila! you have the perfect study environment maybe not perfect, but it’ll be your little sanctuary.

3. Doing brain exercises and reading old notes

Now that everything is in place for the back to school mood. It’s time to start th the real work. Doing brain exercises helps to stimulate the brain and reading old notes helps you catch up on previous topics. You can exercise your brain by playing Sudoku, doing puzzles, math quizzes etc all these you can find on the internet.

I know school can be hard especially in the higher classes, heck it’s only two weeks into school and I’m back into thinking I have a very busy schedule meanwhile it’s just school work. But we can’t avoid it. It’s a necessary evil. Anyways, a tip; rest adequately during the weekends to avoid burn out.


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