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Hi everyone (everyone that’s still reading that is). I remember early this year, a lot of people had started their first books of the year, some had read about four books just 3 days into 2023 and I was sitting here like?? I didn’t get into my first book until very late. I only got to read two books in January. This month has a good spell, surprisingly I’ve finished my first book for February and starting another one soon.

1. The Broker

By John Grisham

I said back in this post that I wanted to get into John Grisham’s books. This book was so similar to the first book I read of Grisham and thought, “is this how all his books are gonna be?” You know, lawyers, prison, crime, escapes etc. I recently found out that they’re called legal thrillers.

The Broker is about a guy who had to stick to prison to protect his life. He was eventually pardoned and cheated fourteen years out of a twenty-six year sentence. But the reason he was pardoned, he soon realized, was to get him killed again. The story goes on to show how he was taken to a foreign country, made to learn the language (Italian) and how he made a dash from the many assassins after his life.

Well… It was a pretty interesting book, I’d give it a 4 but I couldn’t believe it ended like it did. So I’m giving it a 3.5. oops

2. Once upon a crime

Okay this book was cringe. For someone who has advanced in reading (especially thrillers), this book felt like it was written by an amateur. To top it all, my objects of affection didn’t work out, not even a kiss! I let that slide, only for me to find out it’s a series and I couldn’t get the next one because it’s expensive!!!

Once upon a crime is a book about a rookie detective Chelsea who got paired with a veteran one and together they set to find out the mystery behind the death of girls killed in a certain way. Things take a nose dive when the killer, who has a sick obsession with fairy tales started targeting Chelsea.

Now that I think about this book, I wonder how the author is a bestseller. Sure he might have other books that are better, but thanks to this one I won’t be reading another book by this author. I give this book a 2.


I get busy from now on. I have two very important exams coming up and have to prepare adequately as they’re very crucial to my gaining admission into the university. I’ll post maybe once a week (Saturdays) or once in two weeks—I don’t know, depends on how busy I get. But don’t make the mistake of thinking I abandoned this blog. Once I’m through with my exams expect morrrreeee from this blog. Adios!

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