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February was a good month for me, I got a new phone and I had the inspiration to write fiction. The amount of books I read in January was embarrassing, but February was a good reading month, I was able to read 6 books and they were not just any novels.

1. The Institute

The Institute by Stephen King

This is my first of Stephen king and I’m glad I started with this, I heard he writes horror and I’m just happy the one I started with was less traumatizing.

The Institute is about children with special skills called TP and TK. These children had their parents killed and were kidnapped afterwards. They’re then brought to a place they call ‘the Institute’. In this place, the children are made to go through multiple tests ( mostly painful and humiliating). If they don’t submit they get hit or electrocuted with a taser, if they obey they are given ‘tokens’ which they use to get snacks or alcohol and cigarettes . The story all comes to a good ending but one cannot take away the traumas, the kids had gone through.

This book was quite different from the ones I usually read. I just jumped into it because I wanted to explore Stephen King. Anyway it’s a good book. It was captivating despite the theme. I give it a 5.

2. The drum, the doll and the zombie

John Bellairs Mystery

Things take a downturn when Professor Childermass’ friend Dr. Coote, brought home a strange drum. This drum is said to have belonged to a Baron Samedi—Lord of the dead. Unfortunately for the Professor, Dr. Coote and Johnny, this drum is also wanted by mama sinistra a wicked and hideous woman who wanted the drum for her kingdom. Together they all planned to stop her from getting the drum which includes a lot of voodoo and ghosts.

Ha! this book. It’s a very fun children’s book. It’s supposed to be horror but not quite for me (obviously it’s meant for kids). I give it a 4/5.

3. In Dependence

In Dependence by Sarah Ladipo

This is a story, about Tayo Ajayi, a Nigerian who went to England to take up a scholarship at Oxford University. There, he meets Vanessa, the daughter of an ex-colonial officer. This books takes one through the ups and downs of these two in the post colonial era, sometimes you hate it, sometimes you loved it. There remains a lot to be said about the relationship of Tayo and Vanessa but picking up the book to see for your self is much better.

I’d read this book a long time ago but I read it again. I was going to do a review but I got lazy lol. I particularly loved their university days where, it was just them. I also loved the talk about great literature. But towards the ending, they had grown, a lot of things had changed and irreversible mistakes were made. I’ll add this to my list of good Nigerian literature. I give it 4 out of 5.

4. Consent to kill

Consent To Kill by Vince Flynn

Immediately I saw the title I knew it’ll be a good book. (I’m always like this with thrillers). There’s a tragedy that almost made me cry. But it’s not necessarily a sad book.

Consent to kill is about Mitch Rapp a formidable CIA agent who kills terrorist. Unsurprisingly he has many enemies and they so wanna get back at him. But Rapp isn’t just any man. Assassins hear his name and scramble. If you manage to get a hit on him, he will find you and he will kill you.(okay why did I write that, but it’s true lol)

One thing I love about the plot was that, the said assassins, had love in their lives. I’m giving it a 4 because it also didn’t have to make me sad, that plot could have been totally avoidable.

5. Animal Farm

Animal Farm by George Orwell

Animal Farm is a satire upon dictatorship. The animals drive out their master so they can be free and work for themselves. Everything goes well until the pigs started declaring themselves leaders. Inevitably changes started to occur but oh, they were not good changes.

I’ve always come across this book but i only just got the chance to actually read it. It’s a good book if you really understand the message it’s trying to send. I give it a 5.

6. Nanny for the neighbors

Nanny For The Neighbors by Lily Gold

I came across this book when someone asked for a book where the nanny falls in love with the single dad and someone recommended this.

This book is about three guys who got a baby abandoned on their doorstep by their ex. As expected they didn’t know how to take care of a baby so they called on their neighbor who happens to have a crush on one of the guys to take care of the baby for them. It’s reverse harem so she ended up falling in love with all three of them.

It’s a bit on the erotic side, you might not want to pick up something spicy. But the spicy chapters are something you can skip and still continue with the story. I give it a 3.

Alright that is all for February. How was your February? How many books did you read? Have you read any of the books above? What are your expectations for March? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments.

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