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Gone are the days where specialized professions such as engineering, law, medicine etc were the only professions most people were willing to indulge in. Simply because they received the most accolades and were thought the most important.

At that time many people looked down on careers such as acting, modelling, singing etc —some people still do! They believe such careers are undignified and don’t bring in enough money. Or aren’t in accordance with their religious views.

In today’s world an average model earns up to $7000 a year. Now, because of the nature of this career, a dogmatic parent can stop their child from aspiring to be one—well until they can’t. Which means such child wouldn’t be able to practice what he/she loves until they become an adult. Imagine a person who has started practicing from their younger days, wouldn’t they be an expert by the time they grow into a full adult?

But I believe everyone who faces this problem has this phase where their parents despises what they’re doing until it starts bringing in money and they can’t complain. So work hard, learn that skill and be successful. Take note that you don’t necessarily have to monetize every skill you have, ordinarily having those skills already adds to your intergrity as a person.

Many times I’ve seen people asking established people how they did it. More often than not ‘how they did it’ is not something they could possibly tell you in a rush, because it entails years and years of trials and errors. It’s just like someone asking you to tell them about yourself, don’t you suddenly go blank before you think about what to say, which isn’t much anyway?

Yes you can continue messaging people who already made it, asking them to give you jobs or money, but where will that get you? If you knew any better, you’d know that to get a job, you need to have the skills required and know the proper way of asking for the job. When you ask for money today and you were given, what about tomorrow and the next? Will it last forever? It won’t! But actually learning a skill will see to it that the money comes in everyday.

I’ve always said it. If you have a longing passion for a particular skill, you pursue it to the end. The excuse of not knowing where to learn it or how expensive it is to learn is no longer valid. You read! They’re multiple books talking about that thing you want to do.

Better still they’re multiple videos on the internet. YouTube for example, has millions of videos that could teach you invaluable skills you had no idea existed. Skills that would have taken years to learn in a world without technology.

But even after all these advantages, we really learn from other people— people who have made mistakes so we take care not to make the same. People who have actually gone through the hardship of that thing we want to do. Isn’t that why we often have role models?

For these reasons, I’m launching a new category where I bring in young and established people who have made it or are in the right path of becoming successful; rising stars I like to call them.

These interviews will give a lot of insights on how they started and how it’s going. It’ll take you through their wins and losses, the challenges they faced and how they overcame it. Also lots of real-time advice and tips on how to get better and mistakes to avoid.

You really don’t want to miss it! There’ll be so much to learn and achieve. Watch out for my interview series. “How They Did It” and 2023 will really be your year to greatness.

Anjola Writes © 2022

2 responses to “Introducing new interview series: “How They Did It””

  1. Deepthy Avatar

    Ooh this sounds exciting! Can’t wait to meet everyone!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Anjola Avatar

      I’m very excited myself

      Liked by 1 person

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