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Hey brownies🤎

A new year is approaching and I’m sure many of us has started jotting down our new year resolutions. If you haven’t, start now! I’ve always been a big fan of people taking deliberate and conscious steps to better their lives and what better way to do this than goal setting? New year resolutions are a great way to start because new year represents a fresh start.

Everytime we get up and think; oh this is such a wonderful idea and then we do nothing about it. Some of us push a little and come up with a plan but end up discarding it half way. But what’s the essence of listing goals you can’t or won’t try to achieve?

Setting goals and achieving them

Jotting down lists

1. Writing them down and outlining the benefits to be gained

Writing down goals is a very conscious move, which means our brain understands that we really want to achieve said goals. Listing them off your head signifies that you’re unserious with it and in the long run would eventually forget about it. Plus checkmarking accomplished goals is fun and very fulfilling.

When planning a new goal, the first thing I do is to outline the benefits of achieving that goal. The advantage I’ll get from achieving it, is what keeps me on my toes. Say you want to lose weight, thinking about the amount of exercise you need will only make the idea seem more dispairing. Instead, think about the end result; you become more healthy and look good, which is what will inspire you to go through with the plan.

2. Goals must be specific and attainable

Be specific in the goals you set. So you can know exactly what you’re facing. A SMART goal must be attainable. You don’t want to go beyond what you can actually do. Unrealistic goals are obviously very hard to achieve and if you intend on pursuing such goals it only leads to waste of time because you take a long time chasing goals that you end up not achieving.

3. Jump right into it

If you have been dwelling in the planning stage of something in your life, start now! There is no ‘right time’ jump right into it. Because then, you know YOU HAVE to continue with what you started.

4. Reward yourself

Accomplishing a goal is rewarding in itself. You feel fulfilled and satisfied. But some goals might seem daunting, and bribing yourself with a little reward will make you eager to complete the goal.

5. Don’t procrastinate

Procrastination is a major factor that keeps people from getting things done. That one “I’ll do it next time” can cause damages because it does not stop there. The next time, you find yourself saying the same thing again.

Many times I’ve found myself relapsing into the unconscious circle of procrastination. Then I jerk awake and tell myself to do something! Once I get on with it, I began to realize how much time has been wasted and it stops me from making the same mistake again.

It’s actually a great feeling— defeating procrastination. You experience a sense of freedom and accomplishment.

Chat with me! How many things have you checked on your goal list this year? and If you haven’t started jotting down next year’s goal list, remember START NOW!

Anjola Writes © 2022

3 responses to “Got a plan? Start now!—A guide to setting goals and achieving them”

  1. Vanessa Avatar


    A very enlightening article. 😊

    I especially love the number 2 and 3 points. I often find myself guilty of those. 🙃🤭
    And I love your word usage when you talked of ‘bribing’ ourselves every once in a while in order to be motivated enough to get things done.

    Like I said, I’d still be interested in a guest post, or even a collab. Just indicate. 😊

    Keep it up. 👍🏾

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Anjola Avatar

      I’m still thinking about the guest post but don’t worry soon

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Vanessa Avatar

        Okay. ☺️


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